Founding Members

DJ Cooper

post apocalypse author DJ Cooper

Creator of the Written Apocalypse, post-apocalyptic author DJ Cooper has worked diligently to create Authors of the Apocalypse and maintain the belief that when we help others... We help ourselves.

D. Stalter


Creator of the group Women of the Apocalypse D. Stalter is first in line for helping others. She works also to grow the genre and has been crucial in the formation of the Authors of the Apocalypse

Member Groups

Written Apocalypse

Written apocalypse a post apocalypse facebook group created by DJ Cooper

A group of post-apocalyptic authors working together promoting the genre. 

Women of the Apocalypse

women of the apocalypse facebook group

Facebook group highlighting Women who write post apocalypse stories.

Written Undead

Written undead authors writing zombie tales. post apocalypse group created by DJ Cooper.

A spin off from Written Apocalypse the undead promote the zombie reads.

Member Authors

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Look for your favorite authors soon

Member Services

Angry Eagle Publishing

Angry Eagle Publishing logo

Angry Eagle Publishing is post apocalypse heavy publisher that works with the authors to help them get their books published.