The World Ends Here!

The World Ends Here!The World Ends Here!The World Ends Here!

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Authors of the Apocalypse

When you help others... You help yourself.


Authors of the Apocalypse offers a safe place for post-apocalyptic authors to discuss writing, marketing, and all things associated with the genre. The goal is to provide information and the tools needed to help authors achieve their dreams of becoming a full-time writer in the post-apocalyptic genre.

Our focus is to showcase the genre. To bring our genre into every library and help authors make a full-time living as authors. 

There are so many authors who are gifted story-tellers, but not-so-gifted marketers or time management aficionados. By uplifting one another all will benefit. 

Our goal is to give others the information they need and the tools they are looking for to make sure that we all can hit our goals.

When you help others, you help yourself.

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Remember to:

Respect each other - no drama!  

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We wish to promote collaborative efforts to grow the genre and work  on things important to writing and marketing post-apocalyptic  works.

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